What kind of companies Express Lumper will serve?

We serve organizations within the logistics & supply industry specifically focusing on warehousing, transportation and production and transload services.

How quickly can Express Lumper fill a customer’s request?

We will require a minimum notice period of 2 hours for any container loading & unloading requirements.

How much does Express Lumper charge for a service?

We bill our clients a flat-rate for any lumper service which is required. The rates depend upon no. of cartons, SKU and skid wrap requirements.

What are the services offered by Express Lumper?

We offer flat-rate lumper & packaging services and also help our clients in the recruitment process of forklift operators and delivery drivers.

What are the benefits of using Express Lumper’s services?

Quick, Safe and Efficient service, Experienced and Trained Staff, Faster Turnaround on projects.

How does Express Lumper ensure the safety of their clients’ goods?

Our team consists of experienced, industry trained professionals who are insured. When our teams work on a load, the pattern gets approved by our client’s supervisors and we can also share photos of the work, if required.

What is Express Lumper’s experience in handling warehouse management practices?

Express Lumper’s years of experience in warehousing management services have enabled us to identify and analyze any problems in the process and provide tailored solutions to client’s specific needs.

How can Express Lumper help you with your logistics management?

Express Lumpers offers experienced staff who can assist you with any of your warehouse requirements like loading and unloading and packaging. We also provide other services like forklift operators and delivery drivers.

How much does it cost to use Express Lumper services?

Express Lumpers is a flat-rate service and our billing is on the basis of size, quantity and sort count of the container. For more information, please contact info@expresslumpers.com